He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands - Sticker

I’m an ocean girl and there is this one secret place in my hometown where you can see the ocean from left to right and all the way out to the horizon. I often walked there and stood in awe. I thought, ‘How wide, how deep, and how far… yet he holds all of this and more in the palm of his hand!’ It can be easy to worry about tomorrow and to worry about the state of our world but this sticker is a little reminder of how great our God is. He’s literally got the whole world in his hands. We don’t need to fear. He’s got this.

Please note: This sticker is printed onto clear plastic. The white that you see in the image is the backing paper off the sticker. Please keep in mind when purchasing, that once the sticker peels off the white background, it will look different unless you also place it onto another white surface. We love the diversity that comes with the clear background, meaning that you can place it on almost any surface and change the background color to suit your personal style.


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