Christian Teacher To Do List - Printable Planner Page

After years of working as a teacher, I am sharing my ultimate teacher to-do list! 

This digital file can be instantly downloaded and printed as many times as you need. 

You could use one each day or I like to use one page each week. I will often print 10 off at once at the start of the term and clip or staple them together to make a little notepad. It only takes 30 seconds (depending on how long the line up at the printer is!).

The page also allows you to categorise your tasks for greatest efficiency. For example, when you sit down to reply to emails or make phone calls, you can look at your list and do them all at once. When you are heading over the photocopier, you can check your list and do them all at the same time. It is seriously a GAME-CHANGER! 

This can be printed in full color or grayscale depending on your needs.

I pray this planner page encourages you and helps you each day as you seek to serve the Lord in your work.

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