Christian Birth Affirmations - Printable Cards

Description: Designed to be used in low-light settings for comfort during birth, the dark background of these affirmation cards aim to calm you as you meditate on God’s word as you prepare for labour and motherhood.

This instant download will provide you with high-quality PDF files that be easily printed at home for your convenience. The cards include helpful Bible verses as well as affirmations / declarations to remind you of the truth of God’s plan for you as a mother. 

You may choose to print the cards and stick them around your home or on the walls in the hospital room. You can also save the images on your phone for easy access. In fact, once you purchase the product, you can print it as many times as you need, so you can have a set wherever you need it most!

These cards will be most helpful in the weeks leading up to birth, during labour and throughout your postpartum weeks to help you overcome fear and remind yourself of God’s truth for your life. 

I used these for my pregnancy and labour and when we received some heartbreaking news after the birth of my daughter, Joshua 1:9 came to mind instantly – because I had been meditating on it before the birth. I cannot explain the peace I found as that verse came to mind. God was right, I didn’t need to be terrified or discouraged, because he IS WITH US everywhere we go and praise God, in the end, everything was okay!

My prayer is that as you read these cards, you will draw strength from the Lord and be reminded of his beautiful plan for you as a mother. His words are powerful and so are you.


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