Be Bold, Be Brave and Always Speak the Truth - Sticker

This is the motto of Trust in the Word. We encourage you to live your life with Eternity in view. Be bold in the way that you live, be brave in the conversations you have, and always speak the truth of God’s word. Too many people bend the truth to say what others want to hear. So many people ignore passages in the Bible because they make others uncomfortable. Let us honour Jesus in the way that we live and in the things that we say.
Please note: This sticker is printed onto clear plastic. The white that you see in the image is the backing paper off the sticker. Please keep in mind when purchasing, that once the sticker peels off the white background, it will look different unless you also place it onto another white surface. We love the diversity that comes with the clear background, meaning that you can place it on almost any surface and change the background color to suit your personal style.


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