Meet Nicola

Hey, friend! I’m so glad we found each other. 

If you’re someone who loves having deep conversations about life and its challenges, we’re going to be instant friends.


A little about me:

I’m Nicola, a military wife currently living in sunny Darwin, the crocodile capital of Australia! When I’m not busy blogging or splashing around with my kids at the pool, you’ll likely find me whipping up a storm in the kitchen, hitting the gym or out in the community making new friends.

Being a military wife means my life is constantly in flux and so much is out of my control. But through it all, I’ve learned time and time again the importance of letting go and putting my trust in God.

We live in an anxious world that’s constantly pushing us to want more and be more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and weighed down by society’s expectations. But I’ve found that the greatest success comes from trading your fear for faith. There’s a certain art and power in surrendering to God and trusting Him with the outcome.

Every year, I learn more about how to place my trust in God, and I hope to inspire and guide others to do the same. With a little bit of practice, you can experience true peace and freedom from anxiety.

So, let’s connect and grow together. Find me on instagram and let’s chat about how you can trade your fear for faith.

Much love always, Nicola

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