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A Prayer for Christian Influencers

I believe there is no sector more difficult to position yourself in as a leader than the Christian sector. If you haven’t read my article ‘The Truth About Being a Christian Influencer’, this prayer is an extension of that article, so I recommend reading that here.

The Truth About Being a Christian Influencer


Lord, I thank you that you love me and you chose me before the beginning of time to do good works that you destined just for me. I am sorry for the times I ignore what you ask of me. The times when I am afraid and when I don’t trust in you. When I think of all I have to lose instead of what I have to gain. Help me to trust in you. Teach me what it looks like to be obedient, to be like Peter and step out of the boat in faith. Teach me to fix my eyes on you, the author and perfector of my faith. Lord, you know my heart. You know my pain and my desires. You know what I need. I am afraid that if I put myself out there, I will be ridiculed, mocked and abandoned by those I love. Help me to rise above the fear, rather than be controlled by it. Help me to be a light that shows what it looks like to be someone who is led by faith instead of fear. Fear wants to stop us in our tracks. I speak to fear – you have no hold on me, in the name of Jesus. Fear must leave because perfect love casts out fear, and God is love. God is here.

Thank you, Lord, that you give me second chances. That you choose to use imperfect people to love others. May I never boast in myself but only in the Lord and in his mighty power. May my faith rest in you and not in my own strength or abilities. Whenever anyone sees me, let them see you. Teach me to shine my light and not to hide it. May my light shine so that others may see and glorify my Father in heaven. This life you’ve given me, it is available to so many others, if they only hear the message and believe.

Romans 10 reminds me that unless someone tells them, no one will hear the Good News, and how can they come to believe and be saved if they’ve never been told about Jesus? I must speak. I must declare. I must let go and let God send me into the World so that others might know Christ. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity. If you are calling me to do this, I trust that you will give me everything I need to accomplish this task. I will not be lacking. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I can be strong and courageous because the Lord my God is with me everywhere I go, in every moment. I don’t need to be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? I will trust in you.

Though I cannot see the future, I know it is in your hands. Let only your will be done. Let doors be opened that no one can close. Let ears and hearts be ready to hear the love God has for them. May many people who have never read the Bible be open and willing to hear the Words of eternal life and read their Bibles. Teach me how to trust in you and stop getting in my own head and getting in my own way. Empty me of myself. Create in me a clean heart and renew a loyal and steadfast spirit within me. I let go of the fear of what others think and that fear must leave in the name of Jesus.

Only what God thinks of me matters. I cannot let my future be held back for fear of losing a few friends when I could see thousands of brothers and sisters in heaven. God will give me what I need. He will give me the people I need around me. He is my strength and my portion and I put my trust in Him, and Him alone. Thank you, Lord, that you see something in me that I can’t see in myself. I praise you.

I will glorify you. In Jesus’ name Amen.

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Prayer for Christian Influencers

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